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The freight dimensions – length, breadth, and height – are critical in accurately pricing a package. All measurements should be rounded to the nearest inch. LTL carriers use freight dimensions to estimate the number of separate loads that will fit on a particular vehicle. Incorrect freight dimensions will result in a carrier adjustment, which may be expensive. Weight – Another critical component in establishing your freight cost is the weight of the shipment. The Department of Transportation controls truck weights on the road, and correct freight weights enable carriers to manage their truck weights effectively. A freight weight that is inaccurate might result in a price modification.

Items that need more room owing to their size, shape, or weight may incur a higher shipping charge. Freight shipping prices are determined by the size, weight, and other characteristics of the cargo. Correct weights and dimensions enable carriers to give you with the most cost-effective solutions for each shipment. If extra services are necessary, a person from Freightquote by C.H. Robinson is available to help you.

You should be prepared to offer information on the requirements of the origin and destination sites, since carriers often pick up and deliver from/to loading docks. If your package requires a more precise time frame, you may choose to choose assured delivery. Bear in mind that your shipment’s delivery may also be tracked using Freightquote’s tracking features.

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